Organization dedicated to cats

I just wanted to let you know about an organization in Taiwan called Meet Pets. It is very similar to Animals Taiwan except that limits itself to rescuing and providing care for stray/abandoned cats and kittens.
They have a program called “Cat Angels” in which they find people to foster cats and kittens. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough “cat angels” to deal with the large numbers of cats they have. So if you find a cat, they will most likely not be able to find a fosterer for you, but they can provide excellent assistance to you in terms of helping you care for the cat and helping find a home for it. I know this from first-hand experience.

About 2 months ago, I found 3 ten-day old kittens, but I didn’t have any experience with hand-raising them. My local pet store owner mentioned my situation to someone from their organization. They phoned me and asked if I needed assistance. Two women (one to teach me and on to translate!!!) were at my door in 20 minutes with kitten formula, bottles, pee pads…you name it. They showed me everything I needed to know about caring for them, which is quite a lot. The mortality rate is quite high for bottle-fed kittens. Everyday for the next several weeks they contacted me to make sure everything was okay. Actually, they guided me through the whole process and were open to my every neurotic question. They also put the kittens’ pictures on their website. And I’m happy to say that not only did all the kittens survive, but the last kitten was placed in a good home yesterday. :slight_smile:

Their adoption page is … ff86007a0a, so if you’re looking for a cat/kitten, please visit this site. (It’s Chinese though). If you can’t read Chinese but you want one of the cats, please feel free to PM me and I can contact them for you. And finally, if you’d like to be a “cat angel”, please either contact them or me as well.

While my heart surely beats the strongest for cats, if one goes to their starting page it looks like they have a section for dogs as well. My chinese is quite limited but it also seems like they are atleast in the planning stage for an english version as well (non-working links). Maybe someone could help them? (hint hint)


This looks really great! I’m a cat person myself and Stray Dog is going to be dropping off my latest adopted kitten tomorrow evening (I’ve got a total of three now, don’t think I can take anymore! hehe)

It might be worthwhile for AnimalsTaiwan to get into some kind of cooperative relationships with this organization. If it’s a local organization that is “official” and all, perhaps they could assist in getting the CNR/TNR program set up.

We already do. :wink:

Excellent! If you ever need any assistance in liaisoning (is that a word? :s ) with other Taiwanese animal organizations or government agencies, feel free to put my language skills to use. :stuck_out_tongue: