Oriented hyperlinks hard to spot

I have a gripe about the Oriented web site, which is that the hyperlinks are sometimes hard to spot. Some of them are black, the same as ordinary text, and some are dark green, which is not different enough from black. The underline only appears when you mouse over the link. Any chance of making the hyperlinks more visible, e.g. blue and underlined all the time?

Hi Juba

Thank you for the feedback.

I also want the links to be more explicit. I’m not sure if they will be underlined – although I can appreciate why this standard makes the site clearly more useable.

At the least, the links will be a consistent color – not blue, but probably the dark green we use most here (RGB #336666).

My personal schedule gets heavier up until the end of July – after which I have a 6 week break from grad school. I’ll aim to unify the styles during or before this time.