ORIENTED Jobs/freeclassifieds EDITING glitch

The www.freeclassifieds.com.tw database suffers the same “Editing Glitch” as the ORIENTED Jobs databases: If existing ads are edited, the expiration date RESETS to the current date

I’ll have to contact the original developer for help on this one – no way am I gonna figure out how to properly manipulate Unix Date formats on my own.


Finally hacked the ORIENTED Jobs system so that people cannot edit their ads. People, I’m sorry for taking so long to take care of this.

Now, if you want to edit your advert, you will see a Request Form which e-mails your changes to us. We then manually go into the flat file database and make the changes ourselves.

    This means there are two hangups:[*]Delays -- it won't be a real-time change, and will need to wait for us (most likely me [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] ) to log into the server and make the changes

    Expiration problem still not resolved – so if you want to extend an expiration date, well, you can’t. You’ll have to re-list the advert. You can avoid this by posting the maximum expiration date (365 days ahead of posting date) and then removing your posting after you fill the position

Now we’re cookin’

I’ve just activated the e-mail alert systems for the ORIENTED Jobs Databases

Last January, I set up a couple of Yahoogroups mailing lists so that anyone interested in being alerted about new jobs posted on ORIENTED can sign up (and sign out) themselves.

If you are interested in joining, you can either enter your e-mail address in the appropriate sign up form at the front of this website: http://oriented.org

or send a message to either of these addresses:

Unsubscribing is easy, just send a message from the e-mail you are subscribed with to one of these:

Folks, I’m having trouble having the alerts sent to the yahoogroups mailing lists. I may have to set up my own automated mailers as a result.

Please bear with us. I hope to resolve this shortly.