Original live music

Where are the best places to see original live music in Taipei? I am interested in rock music, the language is not important.

That would be either Zeitgeist on ChongHsiao b[/b], Underworld (underground?) in Shrda b[/b], or Witches pub in Gong Guan near Taida (original I dont know how “rock” they get though. do people know of more?

there is also the pig in tienmu,(old pig&whistle)they have live bands starting at 9pm.

The Pig has original music? I thought they specialized only in third-rate cover bands. What bands are playing there these days? Damn, I should get out more.

Good original music hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Kinda tough to find in Taiwan. But, if possible check out the “Walltigers”. They’re the funnest and funkiest band I’ve had the pleasure of checking out(in Taiwan that is). They’re a part local, part foreign band with a sweet horn section and a really rideable groove.

And getting back to the thread, they play at the Withches Pub in KungKuan b[/b]. Lane 56 off of Hshinsheng b[/b] Rd. “The Blue Note” on Roosevelt (near Taipower MRT) also has very good live blues.

I’d love to hear when the Walltigers play next in Taipei, anybody know…

Heard an interview piece on them on a Chinese radio channel. They sounded kinda cheesy and stupid during the talk sections but their tunes kicked some serious ass! Red-hot ska!

Almost crashed on the Tiding Boulevard – don’t EVER try skanking while driving at speeds of over 110 kph!