Original Star Wars trilogy on DVD?

Hi all… looking for the original Star Wars on DVD, either for rent or purchase. I’d like one from this region, as I’m looking for one which has the option of Chinese (and ideally Korean) subtitles. I can find Episode I everywhere, but Blockbuster and such don’t have the original (not that it was really a popular movie or anything… :stuck_out_tongue:


There is currently no original release of the original triology (Episode 4-6), only bootlegs.
Not that I promote the sale and purchase of those, but they can be found if you want (copied from the Laserdisc release, thus actually having simple menues and 5.1 surround sound).

Mr. George Lucas doesn’t have any time to waste at this time to work on the DVD release until he has completed Episode III.
That said it is rumoured that E4-6 will have some changes applied (new scenes added, CGIs updated etc) before being released again at the cinema - and, if the above is true, may even push the DVD release further away.

Blah! :shock:

So there is no DVD of the original Star Wars… that’s downright sinful. [color=brown]Poop.[/color] I guess I’ll have to go get the videotape (I would not say on such a public forum if I would pursue bootleg DVDs…).

Thanks for the info!

The originall series is on VCD. I know the quality isn’t as good as DVD, but it’s better than VHS. Look on Ebay.

We have it on VCD too and it was probably from FNAC or Blockbuster.


Hey everybody,

Does anyone know where I could find the trilogy in Kaohsiung? I don’t care if it’s VCD, DVD, or black market.

                                         thanks in advance,

Hey everybody,
I’m chomping at the bit to get the trilogy. I’m gonna trek up to Taipei in the near future. Does anyone know where to get the trilogy in Taiwan’s capital?
thanx in advance