Originals vs. Authenticated Documents, what is required for Work Permit?


I have been having a lot of difficulty getting up to date and official info on this, so I would appreciate any help.

I have a job lined up at a private school but am still in North America. I have TECO authenticated copies, notarized copies and certified + notarized translations of my BA, Teaching Credential and CBC.

My school is trying to process my work permit before I arrive and is asking for originals of all these documents to be mailed to the school. I would be fine to present my original diploma upon arrival but feel uneasy about mailing it without a return envelope or knowing when I would get them it back.

Can anyone please clarify what is actually required by the Ministry of Labor/Ed for the Work Permit?

Thank you!!

It was enough for me to provide a scanned copy of my diploma. There’s no way you have to give them the real deal.

The only original document I had to hand over during the process of applying for a visa was my passport.

Scan and print a copy of everything. Save all the images of your documents to a USB and bring all that with you, along with your originals.

Authenticated copies of Certificate and diploma should be enough. CBC should be the original.

never ever give original copies of anything, unless like a birth certificate in Taiwan, when upon request the hospital can supply many originals with official chop, etc.