Ortho Tri-Cyclen: Where to find The Pill

Does anyone know where I can get ortho tri-cyclen here? A generic is OK if I know what it is… I tried a while ago to get it from a local ob/gyn by bringing in my package from the states and showing him. He would only give me 5 unlabeled pills at a time, plus a bunch of extra pills to keep me from vomiting :astonished:

So I’ve been “importing” them from the U.S. for a couple months, which is expensive. Any advice?

You can go into an pharmacy and get the pill over the counter. There are several brands to choose from and I’m certain if you showed them the pack you have from the states they would give you the same kind here (although it might have a different brand name). Normally, the pill isn’t covered by NHI here, but a packet of Yasmin is about 450-500NT.

Either find a good pharmacy or a more competent OB/GYN… try any of the major hospitals: Chang Gung, Taiwan Adventist, Ren’Ai…

Hehe, sounds like you got the ‘morning after’ pill and some stuff to keep it down…

You can get tri-cyclic stuff. Google the generic name(s) of what’s in it and show it to the pharmacist. You don’t need a prescription.

I did try going to one pharmacist before, here in the county, and communication failed altogether. Can anyone tell me where one is in Taipei city? I’m a little clueless, sorry… Thanks for your help!