Hi I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good ortho(dontist)?
Someone I know needs some Xrays, a consultation, and probably an extraction.

My friend doesn’t want the in-and-out treatment!

English speaking is a necessity! A TPE location is fine!

Thanks as always!

Try this place:

1F, No. 69, Dun Hua S. Rd. Sec. 1
north of Civil Blvd.

It’s a brother and sister operation. My son has seen the pediatric dentist and Sharky (here at F.com) has had some major work done there. Highly recommended; at least give them a call and see if they can do what your friend needs.

Dr. Alan Duan is the adult doctor and he is great. I have just completed a bone transplant with him and will go back after CNY for implants. Highly recomended. He attended (and even taught classes at) CSU so he speaks excellent english

OK, I’ll check him out. Thanks!