Orthopedic Insoles for my Aching Feet

I think its a combination of bad shoes, extra weight gain from eating out too much and walking absolutely everywhere thats caused this unbearable pain!

OUCH!! My feet are killing me! WHY are the shoes so badly made here?

My feet hurt even while I’m sitting! I went to the feet massage place once and never again! Some how i ended up with a lady massaging my feet who didn’t even work there and before taking my money she gave me an unforgetable charlie horse and a torture treatment I wouldn’t want to inflect on the evilest person!

I’ve been doing some research online and I think Insoles is what I need. I need a shoe store that specializes in orthopedics. Something that I can stick in my shoes and allow me to walk walk walk!

Does anyone else have aching feet? If you don’t have anyone to massage your tootsies … what else would you suggest?

I got flat feet so I just had a friend buy insoles for me from overseas because I couldn’t find any in Taiwan. If you find some, let me know.

I have been seeing Dr. Mark Griffin for the last 4 years and have referred many patients to him. He has been living and treating people in Taipei for over 10 years. He is a California licensed chiropractor and has helped me and many of my friends with back and foot problems. Very professional and friendly.

He made some custom-made orthopedics for me. They have made a HUGE difference for me. They are totally worth it.

You can find his contact info on www.oriented.com, search in the Business Directory for Taipei under “Dr. Mark W. Griffin DC, Doctor of Chiropractic”. Tell him Mike sent you. :laughing:

Dr. Mark W. Griffin DC
No. 250 Chung Hsiao E. Rd
Sec 4, 11FL - 5 Taipei, Taiwan (above the Starbucks)

If you are in the hsing ying area why not make an appointment with Dr Kite a Podiatrist in UK/Taiwan that is the Director of The Stephen Kite Practice,
Email stephenkite1@hotmail.com

I know how you feel Mint. My heels have never been the same since I injured them about 10 years ago jogging on pavement. I used to enjoy running when I was younger, but after university I injured myself because I was heavier, my running route went down a steep hill and I think I must have been landing on my heels. Anyway, I later learned that there is a tendon that runs under ones heel bone and once it is injured it may remain injured for life, as one puts pressure on it just by walking.

Definitely see the doctor they mentioned. I got orthotic devices in hte US. They help. From now on, only buy the most comfortable shoes you can find, in work shoes, casual shoes and slippers/flip flops. Buy them from overseas by Internet if necessary (I find my brand of work shoes to be very comfortable so I always stock up when in the US). No flat soled shoes. Use good running shoes for your casual shoes. Do not walk in bare feet on hard surfaces. Around the house wear slippers. Avoid standing around. Do not go running for exercise, even on a treadmill. Go swimming or biking instead. When given a choice between grass and pavement, walk on the grass. And in my experience, stay away from the Taiwan foot massages.

Do a google search on heel injuries and you’ll find pictures of the tendon that runs under the heel bone, you’ll see that orthotics can help and in some cases people get steroid injections, but unfortunately it can remain a lifelong pain. It really sucks, especially if one enjoyed jogging previously. But, hey, nothing is permanent. That’s life.