OS X Office 2004 book/Tech Books

Does anyone know of any bookstores that might sell a book about office 2004 for mac, particularly interested in excel actually.

I’ve done some searches and come up with a few stores but they’re from posts going on 5 years old, so I thought I’d try again.

I went to page 1 today and they didn’t have what I was after. Any help appreciated.

thanks, amos

For computer books, your best bet is Ten Long Computer Book Co. Largest selection of English computer books I’ve seen here.

The address is 107 Chongqing S. Road Sec. 1, Taipei. It’s not far from the Taipei Train Station.[/url]

Thats the place by xingmen ding?(sp) or the foreigner police department? That place rocks!

Thanks, Chris. That store had one that should give me a better handle on office, which l bought. It actually had a damn huge selection of English computer books. Next time I’ll leave the missus at home and have a bigger look there. Cheers.

The Missing Manual might be the best Office book. Never looked at it myself. Office is still so hard to use though I’ve had many years of painful learning. I use their built in help these days when I need it. Not so well organized or built but it has the answers.

Yep, that’s the book I got, Gary. I was looking for the VQSG, but it wasn’t there, so I settled for The Missing Manual.

If you don’t need all the power and all the features of Office, Apple [/url=http://www.apple.com/iwork/pages/]iWork[/url] does what most people want much much much more easily.

Now that Office for Windows finally is beginning to show the promise of a nice interface, Office for Mac will someday catch up. Microsoft has never been know for their knowledge of psychology. Ever try to insert a picture in Word? Even the basic features of Office are horribly designed. Real designers have a lifelong obsession with every single detail. They’re look at every single thing they’ve made and say to themselves, can it be better?

iWork is amazing for what most people want. For pros who need all the power and depth of Office, iWork will someday be there.