just wanted to check if anyone had any experience with either booting osx on a pc or running it through vmware. i’ve found extensive how-to’s here -http://wiki.osx86project.org - but want to know how well it works.

i’ve read performance depends on a number of factors pc/ram/chipset /etc but has anyone got it working well i.e similar to a mac? i just want to make sure it’s worth the hours of effort i know it will take me to setup.


I haven’t actually installed it, but I did do some research into this.

The best option is to just install OSX86 on another partition and Dual Boot with Windows.
Using VMWare, it will run very slow.

How well does it work? Well, if you just happen to have all the hardware components that have supported drivers, then everything should be good.
So far, I find the LAN and Wireless drivers are lacking.

See it in action on a Dell XPS M1210 here.

You might want to find one of these on sale in Taiwan, meant to make the installation dead easy.