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There will soon be a fourth report:

Chilcot inquiry into Iraq war begins

[quote]LONDON (Reuters) - An official inquiry into Britain’s involvement in the Iraq War begins on Tuesday, promising a thorough investigation which could prove embarrassing for the government ahead of next year’s election. . . .

Chilcot’s study will be the third official probe into the Iraq War. A 2004 inquiry into intelligence about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction concluded much of the information had been flawed but that ministers had not deliberately misled the public.

Another report earlier in 2004 cleared ministers of any wrongdoing over the death of an Iraq weapons expert who killed himself after the government outed him as the source of a BBC report that claimed Blair’s team had “sexed up” intelligence.

[b]Both findings were widely condemned in the media as being a whitewash, and fuelled demands for a full independent inquiry.

Chilcot said the investigation by his government-appointed panel aimed to avoid the criticism levelled at earlier probes.

“It won’t be (a whitewash),” he said.[/b] "But the judgement as to whether people think it is will rely on how it’s read when it comes out.

“We are completely determined to write the story fully and frankly on the basis of all the evidence we can get,” he told the BBC.

Chilcot’s team will begin by hearing testimony from senior officials and military officers. Blair and other politicians will be quizzed early next year, although Chilcot has not yet said whether Brown will be called to give evidence.[/quote]