OTC medicines that really work

i was thinking this might be a useful thing for us to make a list of: over the counter (OTC) medicines that are really effective; here’s some of mine:

  1. kang kang yao gao- good for skin infections

  2. neosporin- not sure if they actually have the US brand neosporin here, but anything with neomycin, the active ingredient,works great for scrapes ,which is what i’ve got now. cuts the healing time down significantly

3.my sister the nurse taught me this one: if you have those painful sores in your mouth, which Chinese attribute to too much heat, mix Maalox and Benedryl together in a spoon and put it on the sore. really works. don’t know why.also bendryl by mouth can help if you have a hive reaction…i think.i used it when i got mosquito bitten all to hell and my hands were swollen.

4.bao nai yuin ( bonamine 25mg) works great for vertigo and sea/car/air sickness. i used to have meniere’s. in recession.

5.okay maybe this one only works for me: Cosmed has a vitamin called "total B super " -RNA and yeast. it really gives me a lot of energy. you can feel the difference in about a week. i can tell the difference when i don’t take it after about the same amount of time.it’s in a yellow, blue and red box.

all i can think of now.