Other forums in Taiwan?

Anyone know of any other forums in Taiwan? Chinese or English? It would be appreciated. Thanks!


thanks a lot Bob_Honest!

I am called Wilde Wutz there.

Do not miss my post on the Bear Clubs.

If it is still there :wink:

Tealit.com is another one. Which is disputed hereā€¦

Daves ESL CAfe. Just google it. the Parentpages also have a forum. There are links to them on my blog below.


There are a couple for Koahsiung.

Connectkaohsiung: I think it is with yahoo groups, and another one much like this forum (same setup) that just started: www.setbb.com/adoega

Tainan Live, but its not exactly jumping with excitement.

What kinds of forums you are look for?
Here are two popular web fourms in Taiwan


(both Chinese website)

thanks everyone!

JHW, anything really.