Other forums?

This forum doesn’t seem to be netting me many replys on a variety of issues, are any of the ‘other forum’ sites more prone to response? This one appears to be the prettiest but…

You cought a bad time that’s it, they are all out camping, it’s a holiday weekend in Taiwan and China. :noway:

Really, in the weekends this forum isn’t that busy, it’s during weekdays that the most of us here are online, except I, I’m all day online 6 days a week. :laughing:

This is like one of the busiest places on the net. I post and tomorrow get 111 “new messages” in my box! What faster do you want?

Yeah man, just give it a couple more days. Like the first reply said, a lot of people were out camping this weekend, hence the slowness. This was a freakishly slow weekend by Forumosan standards.

You could try Taiwan Ho, but that place is way quieter.