Other nationalities in Taiwan

I will be moving to Taiwan (Taichung) in february and was wondering if there are many non-english expats who live in the country?

Of course as a Canadian I will be expecting to meet plenty of other Canucks (as they are apparently over-running the island). Needless to say there are also plenty of Americans as well.

That said, I was wondering if there were many expats in Taiwan who are not there to teach English? Does anyone know if there are any French people in Taiwan - or any Germans, Spaniards, Russians, etc…

My first impression - which frankly is quite ill-informed - would be that Taiwan is not the most cosmopolitan of places. Still, I hope I’m wrong.

I think a trip to Taipei, especially TienMu, will answer your questions. And there are a lot of “guest workers” here who are not from N. America or Europe.

this forum itself is a melting pot with people w/ different ethnicities. Espeically in Taipei of course, since it is the capital of Taiwan, Taizhong would be the same as well, just fewer population, that’s all.

Oh, so that’s what you call Australians and New Zealanders behind our backs! :wink:


…ya would be coming to the wrong place

More like a giant village.

No, we actually just call y’all “beer-swilling rednecks who play punch the kangaroo for sport”. :slight_smile: