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Please visit our band’s almost finished website:

We now have mp3’s (with lyrics) for some of our songs:
red23.info/songs/archives/cat_ly … p?lang=eng

More FAQ’s about our band:

Upcoming shows:

How to get a copy of our CD:

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We also have a Chinese version of our site:

Thanks for your interest and support of Red 23!
Red 23
website: www.red23.info
e-mail: info@red23.info

I’ve been telling people about your site.
One gripe is your sin of omission: when are you gonna get an mp3 of “Party” on your site?!
That’s one of your best songs!
I can’t make it to the Living Room tonight, gotta work :frowning:
Have a great show. I’ll be at the Wall show for sure

Very nice site, guys.
I hope you can have longer sample downloads in the future