Our Wedding Day

Just a few piccies from our wonderful day yesterday!

Everything went so perfectly,

Enjoy, Mr and Mrs Limey!


Dude, Big up yourself. (don’t get confused non-brits. This is a compliment.)
Who is the daddy now?

Congrats! You married WAY out of your league. Better have some kids before she realises. :wink:

Nice one, mate! :bravo:

Much Congratulations Mr. Bea…errr…Limey!

Long Years of Happiness to you both!

Limey, I must say you’ve cleaned up nicely, since the last time I saw you. And I second what Stray Dog said :slight_smile:

But really, so glad it went perfectly. You can tell from the photos how happy you were. Congratulations!

Do Do XianSheng, err, I mean, Limey: Gongxi Gongxi!

And just why did you never invite that lovely lady to go on a hike?

Congrats my friend. Best of luck to you both in the future.

Congrats Limey!

Congratulations Limey. Everybody looks terrific.

Thanks everyone!

Smilie Limey :smiley:


Congratulations! Your bride looks beautiful and you look dashing. May you both have a lifetime of happiness together.

Hey Limey!
Congratulations! You and Mrs. Limey looked fantastic in those photos, and I know you’ll both be very happy together. Thanks for sharing pictures from your special day with us.

Hearty congrats to ya, Limey! Beautiful pics there too! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Have a precious son soon!

Nice pics there mate. Congrats to you both!

Congratulations, Limey!!

Now allow me to be Chinese for a moment and say “Hurry up and have a kid!” :smiley:

[quote=“Chris”]Congratulations, Limey!!

Now allow me to be Chinese for a moment and say “Hurry up and have a kid!” :smiley:[/quote]

Nooooooooo, I couldn’t be responsible for putting a mini doh-doh xian shang on the planet! Hope they get her looks! :smiley: