"Out In Taiwan" - lifestyle group for LGBTQI+ and friends

Dear All,
I have started Facebook group called Out In Taiwan (OITW):
OITW - is a group for like-minded LGBTQI+ folk living in Taiwan. This is YOUR group to meet and make friends doing any activity you create. Think: Travel, Food, Sport, Movies, anything. Want to get a group together for Boot camp? A Casual dinner? Movie night? A day at the beach? Cooking? Weekly running group? Yoga? It’s totally up to you. Use this platform to host your event!

歡迎來到 OITW - 一個為生活在台灣的志同道合的 LGBTQI+ 人群組成的團體。 這是您的小組,可以在您創建的任何活動中結識並結交朋友。 想想:旅行、食物、運動、電影,任何事情。 想組織一個新體能訓練營? 休閒晚餐? 電影夜? 在海灘上度過一天? 烹飪? 每週跑步組? 瑜伽? 這完全取決於你。 使用此平台舉辦您的活動!