Out of luck if you hate teaching?


Be a subject teacher. I know you said that you don’t want to teach… but it’s very different from being an English teacher.

I teach a lot of AP courses. I don’t have to stand in front of the class or do any silly things like that. Ok, fine, I do actual teaching for about 20% of the week and I hate it but I can endure it. With time, that number is gradually going down as I get to teaching more advanced courses. The rest of the time, students self-sudy and ask questions. I create and mark exams. It’s a great job and I’m in front of a computer over half of the time.

Get certified in technical fields that are high in demand. Work hard to ensure that your content knowledge is unparalleled and you’ll be set.


I didn’t expect it, but teaching kids in cram schools/camps etc has been my only real chance for meaningful interaction with Taiwanese locals. I was offered a full time research position at one of the national unis in taipei but much prefer working with kids - some of them actually have minds and personalities, two things that Im yet to discover among Taiwanese adults on this Island of Inanity. You also get assigned a personal secretary (teaching assistant) which is nice, and if the kids like you youll never be short of little gifts and snacks.


Yes, because they haven’t had their individuality and creative ways bashed out of them yet. I’ve met kids here so smart it’s freaked me out, but eventually the system dumbs them down.


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A few years ago when I was teaching I have witnessed kids with excellent English having their answers marked wrong by the Taiwanese teachers when in fact the answers were right and better than the corrected answer. Then the kids get screamed at for the “error” which was in fact correct. The screaming and verbal abuse went on and on. I complained to the head office about the bullying , which resulted in them moving me to a more distant location from my house. They bullied one child a lot, and her English was fantastic in fact better than theirs. I did confront them about it when the child (12 years old) was bawling her eyes out. They just said it was the way they do things in this culture. I responded by asking why they call themselves an American school then. Anyway I found out later that many cram schools are like that…