Outbreak of mysterious neurological illness: Canadian health officials

CRT? :thinking:


COVID-21? :thinking:

dubbed the New Brunswick Syndrome

That’s racist.


Well, eventually it’ll be related to vaccine shots, COVID-19, SARS, the Black Plague, etc., so that teenage PM will lock down Canuckland another 5 years with no election. Yes, remember, there should be no election in Canada during a pandemic. T-boy gonna keep this pandemic going for a longggggg time.

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You OK?

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I’ve come down with that mysterious neurological illness, because I’m chatting with Canadians.

That article reads like a trolling farce meant to fuck with people. I mean, their wording, their photos etc are all prettyv suspect…i call bullshit until further evidence…this quality of article doesnt warrant even a simple google search yet.


Sorry…not a source party pooper, but inn’t RT Russian propaganda?



Sourcing RT?

Nothing but the facts—straight from Putin’s Russia. :upside_down_face:



I’m assuming the article is crap, but there actually has been some kind of mystery illness in Atlantic Canada in the real news lately.

The article is fucking fine. Why would I post a crap article.

Yeah, RT links just aren’t very attractive to me, even though (I know) sometimes they turn out to be interesting.

I mean, has RT got an angle that’s missing here?

That’s fair enough, but you can assume I’ve vetted something to the level of it not being crap I hope :slight_smile: If you read it and it turns out to be crap, that’s another thing.

More to the point, there indeed does seem to be some strange brain-affecting illness occurring.


RT is starting to be a bit like National Enquirer in regards to doing some stories that actually mainstream media might not print, but which actually have some facts behind them.