Outdoor Caf

The temperatures are getting enjoyable this time of the year, so where do I go if I want to sit outside for a beer or a bite to eat in Taipei City. There’s a decent deck at the new Breeze, but they close at 10. and anyway that’s more of a food place than a beer place. Then there’s the Westin, but that’s sitting right on the sidewalk. So where do we go?

Grandma Nitti’s rooftop is a really nice place.

Joyce Cafe right behind the Brother’s Hotel on the corner of Nanjing and Fuxing has an entire ourdoor patio, upscale type of place.

Warner Village outdoor patio behind the food court is also a great place to people watch.

The Starbucks at the Warner Village is also 1/2 outdoors.

Thanks for the tips. I’d completely forgotten about Grandma’s. Are these places open late, though? I don’t get off work until 10 - 10.30 pm, and then a beer sometimes goes down real easy.

Any other places? Keep’em coming, this is the kind of information you can’t really get too much of.

A lot of those seafood restaurants do outdoor seating. Buy a couple of dishes and stay there for hours drinking beer. It’s often on the sidewalk, but it’s pretty cool.


Kind of cold for it now, but there’s a new cafe off of Zhongxiao East Road Section 4 that has a good selection of teas, and fruit juices, plus a very basic coffe list (American style, Espresso, Cappucino, Latte and Cafe au Lait). They also have simple meals/snacks ranging in price from $95NT to $150NT. It just opened, and I haven’t eaten there yet, but I like the layout. While technically the patrons sit inside, the walls are large glass doors that are opened, so basically you are sitting street-side. Good place for people watching.

The address is Zhongxiao East Rd, Section 4, Lane 223, #2. It’s in the lane next to the building that has the Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole and Polo stores, right next to California fitness.

There are two IS coffee shops with the same layout on the south side of Nanjing west of Fuxing going toward Jianguo as well, and a Starbucks (?) on the west side of Fuxing before hitting Nanjing. And you can sit outside in the back of the Starbucks in the Dinghao Square, facing the square.

But right now it would take a lot of really hot coffee spiked with some vodka to do something like that.

If you can find it… Ride your scooter
or find the minibus from Neihu or over
the top of Yangmin village to the Secret
Garden cafe… It’s right beside the road
that passes all of China Telecom’s huge
telecommunications dishes… A lovely
spot really high up… You can sit outdoors
surrounded by trees and eat and drink…
Very nice place but tends to be a trifle
crowded on weekends… Try it on a weeknight
during the summer to escape the heat…
They serve all sorts of fresh, simple
dishes like sandwiches and salads…


A good place to try is called BALCONY Cafe.
Address: No. 15-1, Lane 30, Yanji b[/b] St. It is between the Pateh b[/b] Rd. and the Civil Boulevard.
Nice coffee and trees.

Try Club 75, Chung Shan N. Rd, Sec. 6, #75 (across from BMW). It’s cool. Good food, the beer’s cold and they play jazz.

There’s a really nice, quiet, little garden caf