Outdoor massage/spa in northern Taiwan?

Is there such as a thing as an outdoor spa/massage in Taiwan?

I’ve been foregoing massage in general since Covid, but lately been getting painful cramps in my feet, and could really use a good massage. Not super keen on spending an hour in a room full of people if I can avoid it. Suddenly remembered the luxurious outdoor spa/massage places I’d been to year before in Koh Samui and other tropical beach getaways, but I couldn’t think of anything similar I’ve seen or heard of hear in Taiwan.

Is there anything like that here? Or even if not so luxirious, just a place where my wife and I could both go for a massage without being confined to a room?

I know a place in Ximen… but I didn’t go there since the outbreak began… not even sure spas are open these days.

But it is not somewhere your wife can go… or even want to let your wife know you go there.


There are some Masseurs in the park close by to the Yangmingshan bus terminus

I’ve had a lot of outdoor massages in Thailand. Nearly all of them are on a beach or a nice hotel with spa facilities or maybe some random shops here and there.

That southeast Asia. Taiwan isn’t quite Southeast Asia.

Probably going to have to hit a nice hotel and resort.