Outdoor survival teacher, traditional aboriginal skills

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to learn outdoor survival skills such as shelter making, fire making, water purification, identifying wild foods etc and traditional aboriginal skills for example bow making, tracking. If you could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.
I tried looking in the topics but could not find what I was looking for.


Lu Shan

There are many indigenous people in Taiwan who have these skills. However, they are unlikely to teach them to some random person they don’t know. You really need to spend some time in their community and win the trust of the people before you can expect them to teach you these things.

I’ve learned a lot from this guy at the Pathfinder’s School.

He's also in a show on TV called Dual Survivor. He'd be a good start until you find your aboriginal guru.


This guy has a good philosophy

Or you can go hang out with these guys although they’ll make you wear an old mosquito net up your crack.

Fun with guns-again in PI

Sattelite TV might be able to introduce you to an aboriginal tracker/hunter

Good Luck!

Contact one of the Bunun portering companies. These guys are tough and experienced in the mountains. Cloud Leopard is a good one. I can’t recal their website but just check out the Outdoor section of the new Lonely Planet as I put the details there.

I guess my first link didn’t work-you can find him on youtube his name is Dave Canterbury of the Pathfinder School. Don’t be intimidated by his background, he isn’t a militant survivalist.

Muzha Man will that company do hunting/tracking? I’d be interested in taking some classes.

Watch some Bear Grylls videos. He may even drink his own urine.

Thank you all for your help. I will look into what you have provided me with.