Outline of Dong Family White Crane

Outline of Dong Family White Crane
by Ran, student of Master Dong, 3rd generation Dong Family White Crane

shr er fang- twelve movements for chi gong, warm up, and self defense

6 crane kata, bunkai includes striking and anti grappling techniques

shr ba fang- 18 push hands

male and female crane- two person set

dz mei bang- eyebrow pole

da dao- broadsword

di long- ground fighting

training tools: stone rings, wine jars

upon first look, dong family white crane looks like both goju and wingchun put together. it is a root style.

interested persons may PM me. thank you.
ran the man,intermediate level student of Master Dong

Is this southern Fukien or Northern white crane ?
At present i am doing some Fukien crane but there are only three sets to the entire system !

Mordeth claims to have a Master Dong, too.
You should talk to him.

we are southern white crane. i didn’t know mordeth is studying with master dong. sai hu has lots of students that i don’t know about.well the more the merrier.

some people only learned three sets. we learn at least four for a reason:

“twun tu chen fu, gong lian chi
chr soo fei ming ding jing shen”

this mean: “swallow spit sink rise are the practice of the breath. eating crane, sleeping crane, flying crane, and waking crane(1st 4 katas) establish out health and vitality”. so we need at least 4 to get all the health benefits. the other two, 5 and 6, kind of round everything out.
i have learned all 6 katas and am on the male female set and 18 sticky hands. i have been his student for 3 years. but i have a long way to go. we say it takes 3 years to learn, 20 years to become a master. i am allowed to teach beginners, but i dare not say i am a master of the finer points. my elder is teaching me those things. i hope maybe i can get a little group going to practice with sai hu. i know it would make him happy.