Outlook: "____ has requested a receipt after you read this."

Why the hell would I click “yes”?

99% of the time when someone activates that feature they do so because they’re on the other side of a controversy and they want proof that you received the document, so they can hold you to it later.

So, given the option, why the hell wouldn’t I just read it and click “no”, I won’t let you know that I read it?

Anyway, I just got such a message, and that’s what I did, same as always.

Those are for read receipts, proving that you read it. If they needed to prove you received it, they would not need this. It is all covered on their exchange and your mail server.

Dunno…etiquette? It really doesn’t matter. Just because I opened it doesn’t mean I approve or agree. If it is time sensitive, the sender better be clear about it.

As for myself. I only use them for matters where it is critical that the recipient read the message like a policy change or something. What they do after that is their problem.

Read receipts fail in their basic premise - to serve as proof that the email was read - because all they actually show is the message was opened. Since most people use the preview pane built into any good mail client, “opening” a message could just mean you selected it to delete it*. It you need an acknowledgement that a message has been read you write “please reply to confirm” or words of similar effect inside the message.

The only time I allow automated read receipts to be sent back is when idiots turn them on for messages sent out to company-wide mailing lists. If they have to spend time deleting 100s of messages before they can use their mailbox again, or even better, piss off MIS for bringing down the shitty Domino server, maybe they’ll eventually learn their lesson.

*I’ve noticed there is a distinct correlation between the people who have read receipts turned on all the time, and those who send messages I never need to read.

Outlook is an evil cult.