Outlook 2007 - viewing Chinese in To, From & Subject Fields

I am now using Outlook 2007, I love it, however, I cannot view any Chinese in the From, To, Subject Fields, etc. I only see a bunch of question marks or gobally goop. I can view Chinese in the body of the email though. I have tried messing with the regional settings in XP, but everything is already installed for far east langauges.

Any one have other ideas?


Outlook will show Chinese subject lines if they are properly encoded according to the RFC2047 standard. The problem is that a lot of Chinese email sent by other software is sent out using raw 8-bit characters in the header which does not follow any standards (mail headers are supposed to be either 7-bit ASCII or RFC2047 encoded, nothing else). They will not show the header lines correctly in standards-compliant mail programs.

For some programs you can solve this problem by going into Regional and Language Options and under the Advanced tab for the Language for non-Unicode programs set it to Chinese (Taiwan). I don’t think it’ll help with Outlook since it is a Unicode compliant program. However, you will need to REBOOT for this option to take effect.