Outlook -- auto archive means lost forever?


I use outlook for my calendar and am trying to retreive a calendar from last year. Autoarchive, archives everything in the calendar that’s more than 6 months old. How does one retreive archived calendar items from last year, or earlier? MS help menu is not terribly helpful on this.

The discusssion on the tech forum seemed to mostly center on retreiving emails in outlook that are hard to retreive.

Thanks! :notworthy:


Outlook stores everything in one file, outlook.pst. Auto-archived items are moved to another file, archive.pst. If you did not start out with Outlook 2003, both of those files have a 2 gig file size limit.

Auto-archived items are not deleted though you can change settings to have them deleted.

To open an archive, select File | Open | Outlook Data File (something like that. The archive.pst is in the same folder where your outlook file is. It should be something like:

c:\documents and settings\you\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\

The application data folder is somewhere around there; it’s normally hidden. But selecting file | open | outlook data file may automatically go to that folder.

Whenever you get it open, you’ll see two sets of folders within Outlook. You can move stuff back into main set of Personal Folders if you want. You can also turn off or change auto-archive settings.

Many many thanks for your timely advice. You have made my X-mas travel plans much much easier. :rainbow: