Outlook Express (OE) removing "safe" attachments?

:?: I found I have recently been unable to access attachments in PDF and other formats.

I get a message stating “OE removed access to the following unsafe attachments in your mail…”

I could not find anything mentioned about that in the help screens. How can I adjust these filters?

By the way… this “protection” did not stop me from picking up a%#W#$@# ing worm.

Easy one.

You have to uncheck a box.

Go to …

Tools > Options > Security > Virus Protection Area

Now unclick ‘Do not allow attachments…’


Taiwan student, it is really coincidence I also has this problem with e-mails at work. KenTaiwan98, thanks for your help! :smiley: This is really a good forum offering so much info.

I have another problem though, when I printed out e-mails that two characters from left side of paper could not be printed out. Printing works well at other format, like word, excel,etc. What is that problem? Do I need to reload the Outlook Express?

I just reinstalled the Printer driver and it works fine :sunglasses: