Outlook vs other mail clients

I have a problem with Outlook, and I don’t even use it. I find that mail created by Outlook in html format sometimes crashes Mozilla mail clients or causes them to hang for several minutes. Seems that html mail with backgrounds causes this, but only mail created with Outlook.

Anyone else had problems with this?

I only use outlook express. Can’t give you better opinion. I hate outlook at first sight.


I use Incredimail Xe without any problems

I use Outlook after running Mailwasher to keep the spam down. Works just fine. I don’t know about backgrounds. What are they?

In just about any mail client that can compose mail in html format, you can specify an image to use as a background for the mail, just like on a webpage.
The ones that Outlook spits out sometimes freeze up my mail client. I just wonder if it’s M$'s usual crappy coding, or some other problem. As I’ve had this problem with mail clients from Netscape 4 on up, I wonder if it’s them, or if other non-M$ mail clients suffer from this.

The background on my emails are white and the type is black. I didn’t realize there were other things you could choose – I never really paid any attention. Black and white has always worked for me.


I have to admit I’m another boring old fart who doesn’t go in for blinking buttons, migraine-inducing backgrounds, multi-colored text or 17 different fonts/sizes in one email. Unfortunately, I can’t stop other people from sending me mail that ‘features’ these ‘enhancements’ :unamused:

I’d go for content over style everytime, but most of all I’d like these stupid backgrounds to stop crashing my mail client.

Mind you, I could configure a mailing list at my address and hack Smartlist to bounce all mail formatted as html… hmmm.

me too…
always stick to the plain old simplicity…
complexity kills me…


Interesting … When I use Entourage X (The Mac OS X version of the the Outlook/Outlook Express hybrid), it also crashes with certain HTML junk mail. One in particular is sent as junk mail via my ISP (thanks HiNet!). It crashes my client every time I open it.

Can you view the headers to figure out which application created the message?

Is there no way to set your mail client to force the display of html mail in text only. Are you sure it’s you mail client that’s crashing ? It might be caused by a virus scanner (depending on how nannying it is) being upset with html email and blocking it ? I am just guessing.

No. I can force it to compose in plain text (which I do) but not how it displays. Problem isn’t AV related. I did find some documentation from NS4.3 crashes caused by .bmp attachments to emails, so I’ll start there. It might be the way the app caches mail attachments. Thanks.

There’s a nice little gadget called magic mail monitor. You can use this to scan new mails from innumerable mailbox, and filter out spam before you download them for reading.

Ask Mr. Google for Magic mail monitor. FREE.


Where I can find this nifty little program?

Where I can find this nifty little program?[/quote]


Just remember to open Mailwasher BEFORE you open Outlook and then keep Mailwasher on at all times in the background, while turning Outlook off except to read stuff – Mailwasher will alert you to new mail just the same as Outlook, but if Outlook is also running, the mail will come straight through.

The good thing about it is that not only does it block the spam, it lets you “bounce” the message back to the spambot as if your email address is invalid, so presto! No more spam from that source.

I used to get about 50 or more spams a day, even though I NEVER,EVER visited porn sites (honest!) and now its down to maybe 2 or 3. No one wants to tell me about debt consolidation, either, or how to make my dick bigger.

One of the most useful little programs I’ve ever found on the Internet.

And its free.

I am intrugued that I see so many emails invite men to enlarge their schlongs, but I never see even one inviting ladies to shrink their bits. Clearly this male / female size disparity thing must be a figment of the male imagination.

Double post. Sorry.

Where I can find this nifty little program?[/quote]


Thanks hex, I should have guessed… :blush:

Though the anti-spam thing is a bit OT, I find having a mail address on your own domain drops the spam by a huge amount. This leads to think that half the problem is your own ISP / freemail host selling your address… Then you can use list management software to handle mail bounces on your keywords or domains, drop them to a dev/null box, bounce them back undelivered, or forward them to Spamcop or w.h.y.