Yes, I know some people prefer Mozilla to Outlook, but that still doesn’t answer my question.

Why does my home Outlook account say I’ve got two messages, but they’re not there in the inbox? Moreover, I just accessed my office Outlook account from my home computer and went to sent messages and can see taht I’m not imagining things – I did send a message to my home account yesterday from the office, and I’m able to access the message as a sent message from the office account, but I can’t access that message in my home account. How strange. Where could it be?[/quote]

MT: The number next to Inbox is the number of unread messages that you have, not the number of new messages that you have. Unless you mark all messages read then that number will remain.

Which version of Outlook are you using? I’ve got 2003 installed and there is a folder called “Search Folders” that’s automatically created. One of the items in “Search Folders” is called “Unread Mail”. Does anything (significant) happen when you click on that?

Not sure where the new messages are going (yet). One thing that I like to do is to set up Outlook mail to delete from the server after 10 days so that I can also use a web-based method of checking email to see if it’s on the server. If you do this and resend the email from your office then you can see if it’s hitting the internet host.