Outward bound in Taiwan?

I think this discussion is about due.

On the one hand we have Toe Save and his adventure English idea. On the other we have my very progressive high school asking me to develop some kind of ‘scouting’ program that includes outdoor activities. Then we have numerous people around the island promoting various adventure activities, with the tourism authority rubbing their hands in glee. Mostly it’s foreigners doing these things, and language learning (activation) is part of the equation, hence this topic appearing in this forum.

Is the time right for Taiwan to embrace the benefits of getting out there, facing your fears, finding yourself, being socially and environmentally responsible, basically becoming a good, confident and wholesome person?

Is anybody else involved with this sort of stuff and wants to share ideas?

The outward bound website is outward-bound.org/index.php


I think Taiwan is slowly coming round to the idea that free time is not just for sleeping. I havn’t done anything in Taiwan as of yet but I have had plans for a good while now. Unfortunately, circumstances have dictated that they havn’t been realised yet. But that will change…

One of the problems I forsee is getting permits to practice certain activities from the government. If an accident occurs and you happen to be in charge of a particular group at the time, your qualifications, experience and legality will be drawn into question. Also, I dont need to explain to you the blame culture in Taiwan.

If something unfortunate does happen (as in time, it inevetably will) then the spotlight will again be on the foreigner, who hasn’t got a work permit for this kind of activity, or is “volunteering” illegally.

What is needed is an organisation in Taiwan which is well recognised and protects the participants and the “leaders” and is recognised as safe and responsible.

Are you talking specifically about bringing “outward bound” to Taiwan or just setting up some activities?

The June issue of Sinorama has some interesting articles on Taiwanese adventurers and adventure education. The articles mention a few people who you may be interested in contacting. Would you like to borrow the mag?

Me again.

We use an outside contractor to arrange our activities, as it’s a lot more cost-effective to do so. They provide all the equipment, insurance, and qualified people. Plus they know all the best places to go.

I’m scheduling events for next semester - after CNY - and am looking for more ideas. Can anyone recommend any company or centre that they know about? We’re dealing with kids 11-16, weekends, in the Taipei area. An hour or two of travel is OK.

Anyone willing/able to help with activities stand up and be counted. The next gig will be for 45 kids and we may not have enough teachers. In particular we need a female, cos it would be inappropriate for me to be putting my hands on girls’ bottoms even if it is to push them up cliff faces. It doesn’t pay a lot but it gets you out in the fresh air and having fun.