Overcharging for CNY

I don’t think the extra charges for cabs during CNY or Jan 31st or Ist of Jan is unusual in any part of the world. I have spent New Years Eve in a number of different countries around the world and have had to pay New Year surcharges to taxi drivers. I actually don’t think this is unreasonable because at that time of the year there is excessive demand for cabs and it is necessary to try to curb this demand. There also needs to be an incentive for cab drivers to want to work because if they just made their normal salary then I doubt many of them would decide to work instead of enjoying New Year celebrations with friends and family. If that was the case then thousands of people would be unable to go anywhere without drinking and driving. Most service industry workers in western countries are paid penalty rates for working on public holidays so I don’t think it is unreasonable for taxi drivers to be paid extra either during our NY or CNY.

Well I jsut got a haircut (at the barber’s across the road). I didn’t have to wait and it cost the usual 150NT :smiley:


Took a taxi last night and a fairly prominently displayed sticker lists what the New Year surcharges are and the period it covers, can’t remember how much extra it was, but not much 20NT or something like that. Also not all hairdressers increase prices for CNY, just ask before you get it done.

[quote=“Bu Lai En”]Well I jsut got a haircut (at the barber’s across the road). I didn’t have to wait and it cost the usual 150NT :smiley:


Took the woids right outta my mouth, err, keyboard :laughing:…of course, I’m so far out in the boonies that the fact that my hair wasn’t cut with a machette is a real plus :smiley:

welcome back to taiwan, vacationers! just to let you know how much you mean to us…that’ll be double the cabfare! i just paid $880 NT for a ten minute cab ride.

You got scammed. :frowning:

I took several 30-40 minute cab rides last week and over the weekend and paid $250 to $350, Muzha to Chung Shan/Min Chuan.

Happy new year…

scammed indeed. the airport monopoly had me good. waited an hour for the bus the never came, freezing and due for class. the meter said 550 at Yangmei. as i was leaving the guy whipped out some laminated chart and pronounced the new rate.

so…i can charge double for my classes this week, right? as i am so busy and all and sacrificing my vacation for the students, right?

Actually, don’t think you were scammed on this one, you didn’t mention it was from the airport originally. The card he pulled out has airport rates. As far as I recall you get charged 40/50%(?) extra plus some other charges like tolls, putting a bag in the trunk etc. The card is just a quick reference on the % increases, so he doesn’t have to pull out a calculator. NT880 on a NT550 ride from the airport sounds about right.
If I’m travelling to or from the airport (from Taipei) I usually book a LImo in advance, actually works out cheaper than taking a taxi, and the car picks you up from home. Plus you get a guy at the airport waiting for you with a placard, so no scrambling for taxi’s and all that hassle.