Overcharging for electricity by Taipei landlords

What do you pay for electricity per kwh in Taipei if renting an apartment?

Seems like most landlords charge hugely more than the actual official 1.63 TWD / kwh price for the first 120 kwh and 2.38 TWD / kwh for the next 210 kwh which will more than cover my consumption (https://www.taipower.com.tw/en/page.aspx?mid=317; https://www.taipower.com.tw/upload/317/2017120900461354896.pdf).

And how do you get the official price without huge surcharges when renting, please?

You’re reading that chart wrong. Taipower lists all those weird cases but the cost per kwh starts at around 2.5 and goes up as the usage increases. Max rate for summer is 6.4 and that’s the most landlords are allowed to charge. Also it may include things like water, internet, cable TV, etc.

Yes, on the rate table there is a price of over 6 as you say, but only if you use over 1000 kwh per month which most people should be very far away from. Otherwise the rate is 1.63 for the first 120 kwh per month, then 2.38 for the next 200 kwh per month and so on. I do not use more than this and probably most people will not.

And it makes a huge difference with the hot season now approaching with huge air conditioning use

It’s not that cheap.

Also that’s per account. But taipower doesn’t count single room flats for that, in fact they have weird rules about that. So if you are renting a room even with an independent meter taipower does not read those but you’re sharing it with 4 other rooms that have their own AC and all that. So you’re always paying close to max rate.