Overhearing conversations

Ok fun and games time…about time a less serious topic than all the bad shits happening in the world right?

Alright i will start off with dinner last night at fav greek resto. Small place, we can sit in the outside area now and some tables in the inside area.
Outside was better as they have heat lamps there.

Ok, we are one table away from a young white couple, probably early 20s. The girl was kinda cute (certainly wonder why she is with Mister Geek there). Mister geek appears to be a few years older then miss blondie who was physically larger than he was…

him, geeky, glasses, short sleeve shirt tatooed up both arms. Talking for some reason (maybe they were in the medical field) about injuries people they know and/or themselves had received , etc etc.

anyways, this gal clearly was interested in the guy and the guy was very smitten with the girl…appears to be a first date…

she could NOT get a word in edgewise. he kept on blabbering on and on and on and on again.

Now me and wife both waiting for our food…on our respective cellfones as usual…nary a word said, cept every now and then…like most married couples ya know.

I can’t help but listen in on this convo going on here. And I was getting VERY BORED… I seriously would NOT go out on another date with this dude if i was she.

(NOte if you ARE that gentleman… my word of advice would be…let her talk for petes sake…dont blabber on and on and on about yourself…Haysus you went back to when you were 12 years old for petes frickin sake).


I’m more curious about what your bill came to for dinner?
You always seem to have a deep wallet for Bay Area restaurants. :slight_smile:

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I wonder what they thought about your dinner…

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Well we didn’t actually say anything and the guy was so engrossed in telling every last detail of his life story , I managed to shut him off mentally finally after he reached when he was 12 I don’t think he even noticed we were there

And she spent the 45 mins just trying to say 3 words in a sentence before he cut her off

Yeah I spend all my money on food

It was 55 bucks for a one small salad two teas one chicken wrap and wifey had the chicken skewers

No drinks

It’s expensive here

By comparison a simple bento box costs 15
Dollars around here from an el
Cheapo Japanese restaurant not Benihana which runs 200 bucks a head


Maybe she’s into that – verbal domination by a tattooed nerd. :nerd_face: :heart_eyes: :rainbow:

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For sure

I was in a local Japanese place, meal for four 600 NTD. Yeah I could easily have spent more but was still happy with the meal.

I really have to think about stretching to Man Yu Fan (braised eel ) for 320 ntd but I will do it on occasion (because I remember when it was about a 130 ntd and now most places it’s 400 ntd…Memory of prices is a curse Tommy eh).

Sushi bowl also runs about 250-300 but you can always eat local sushi style which is cheaper if maybe not actually sushi. :grin::joy:

Someday we can meet Tommy we can spend a good hour talking about food prices. :sunglasses::grinning:

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I miss the food and the fruit and the girls and the prices in Taiwan and in no particular order

Over here think USD 20 per person minimum to eat at
Even tiny hole in the wall restaurants with no drink

You have to pay sales tax and expected to pay at least 15pct of your bill to support the waiter or waitress too

A nicer place think 30 to 60 bucks a head drinks extra

Posher places think 100 a head

A Big Mac meal costs you about 9 bucks for Pete’s sake

Then you got net 25 pct personal tax on your earnings
That’s why the saying is you can’t have a family of four make less than 350k or else you are below the poverty line

I discovered I used to be in the middle class then the lower middle class

Now I’m in the upper Low Class

It’s America’s caste system

Meanwhile my boss is dumping his G450 because he just got the new G650

He’s in the one percent from the top

I’m in the 20 pct from the bottom

Oh well

If I keep my nose clean I might one day get to smell the jet exhaust and get a flight

I will wash and wax the dang thing fir a flight

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Greatest lesson learned from my 20s…no one gives a cripe what your accomplishments are…the best of us get remembered a day, then the world moves on. It takes significant knowledge to know the full extent of your ignorance. It’s more interesting to listen I find now that I am a bit older.

I know you’re engaging in some (a lot of) hyperbole, but being an international forum, some might not. :wink: Ain’t nobody in the bottom 20% spending $55 at a Greek joint in the bay area vs some hole in the wall joint, that same percentile person ain’t paying jackshit in taxes, nevermind 25%, and it’s gotta be like top .001% that can afford a g650. Oh, and $350k is still good, and not anything resembling just above poverty line. :wink:

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well I FEEL poor

No seriously I count my blessings every day I live a pretty charmed life

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This could totally be the lyrics to a rap song. Maybe you’re in the wrong profession.

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Totally could be the lyrics to some gangsta rap
Put in a catchy beat and add HO to every other word and the N word to every three and we got. A Winna

So you and your wife were there on your phones not talking, and you think their date went bad?

Sorry, had to :slight_smile:


That does sound funny huh

Hey we are married we dispensed with all that dating BS. Long ago

Now we just exist

My wife has heard everything I have to say
And remembers every word

So I just open my mouth and she finished my sentence


Haha. Happily ever after :slight_smile:

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All 3 together?

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Are you from Taiwan and live in the Bay Area or from the Bay Area lived in Taiwan before? I detected a bit of Oozie flavor from your sentences. Just saying…

Tommy’s story defies simple summary.

Let’s just say (based on what I’ve read) he was born and raised on this lovely island, and forced to leave it due to the SEXISM of government policy at that time, and now calls the Bay Area home.

There may have been a few more twists and turns in there that I missed. :rofl: