Overhearing conversations

Funnily enough I actually have a whole diatribe entitled Tommy’s story

Just type Tommy’s story in the search on Formosa
It’s a three part trilogy

We are now 8 years married and largely get along pretty well


You’ve come a long way, but not for a long time. :grin:

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It’s not quite as bad as I make it out to be …

When are we going to hear Tammy’s side of the story? :thinking:

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She’s on Instagram Different planet

All hope is lost. Well, it could be worse. She could be on TikTok. :grin:

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We are like the United States

Different people from different cultures with different viewpoints different genetics just trying to get along and not fcuk with and each other too much

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Yeah I use Tik Tok a lot

For girls and words of wisdom and money coming my way and comedy and inspiration


What the…

OK, I guess you guys deserve each other. :sweat_smile:


Just be glad you are not overhearing conversations in your head.

True dat

Anyone over hear any conversations of amusement lately ?

Man here’s a place a friend went to that I don’t want to go to ever unless I’m not paying

Mastro’s Steak house

And according to tommy himself, not very often.

Haha… been to the one in Malibu… nice view at least. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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