Overnight Billionaire

If you become an overnight billionaire, what is the first thing you would do? Where would you move to? How would you plan to spend your money?

I know it is almost impossible. But, I wouldn’t spend on everything. First, I would be concerned about my safety. I am sure my relatives and some “so called friends” will approach me. I would keep it as a secret. I would stay away of gambling and doing drugs because they are not my cup of tea. I would buy mutual funds and put some money in my CD account. I would probably invest more in my Education, but be aware of some schools. I would probably buy a house in Taiwan and a house in a Foreign country. I would travel more.

If I had a few million , I would make sure I didn’t spend most of it and end up in Taiwan having to work still :blush:


you’d move back to the UK and fund an F1 team?

I’d buy a sports team and be a player/owner/coach/GM.

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Racing is how I spent a few million usd :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I would avoid it and stick to just general funtimes :wink:
I had a conversation with Tony Fernandes when he bought LotusF1 that became Caterham F1…he was saying he blew a huge amount in a few years… F1 not good.

Tony Fernandes can afford it !

I would buy up a massive site(s) for a nature reserve in Indonesia or Malaysia probably.


you sound like me :slight_smile: , except i want my own private jet.

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The first thing I would do is hire a lawyer.

The second thing I would do is hire an accountant.

The third thing I would do is hire a financial advisor.


i’d buy an apartment high enough to avoid the pollution here.


Best answer so far.


How would you make sure you can trust them?

I’d take a few mil to buy a house and car and the rest goes into a low MER fee self directed index fund to live off the interest

Via careful research and recommendations by people I trust.

You need a team of them and eventually the advisors tell the accountants how to hide what they are stealing from you and the lawyers tell them how to keep it all legal.


Perhaps, they can help you to manage only 20% of your assets. But, never let them to manage all. There are tons of lawyers, accountants and financial advisors who manipulate their clients. They might not tell you everything. Then, you will put everything on their hands because you believe they are specialists. Well, that’s why you should be more concerned. Yep, they are specialists. But, it doesn’t mean they all have integrity. It is ideal if you study a little about business law, accounting, and finance. You don’t need a degree for it. At least, you can be prevented when you hire one of them.

I would buy more socks. Always need more socks. And socks for all the people that have befriended me in life’s journey.


Then one day you will find all the “lost” socks . Where do they go ?



Beyond the legalities and ensuring my anonymity (don’t want moochers or thieves to know about me), I would stop working, buy some houses, donate to charities, help my family with any debts they might have, and travel.

Have you thought about entering the Miss World contest ? :joy: Just joking , but it was sounding kind of familiar :slightly_smiling_face: Just no World Peace . What do I know …I managed to get comfortable twice and seem to be stuck with bricks and mortar assets that are not easy to sell :thinking:
I just seem to attain 15,000 usd a month income and think I am fine …then go and spend 30k a month …must do better . Now I could do with selling the uk stuff but it takes so long . :face_with_raised_eyebrow: seems harder to bounce back :pensive:but at least I have Forumosa :thinking::kissing_heart:

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