Overnighting documents from Taiwan to US -- 7/11?

Hi, I heard that you can go to 7/11 and overnight or send documents express. I plan on checking this afternoon and will report back, but my Chinese isn’t the best. Just thought I would check here to see if anyone’s done it before and can give me pointers on whether it’s possible and if the service is good.


I think you may be refering to DHL courier service.Yes, you can drop off at any 7/11.

Wonderful! Thanks for the fast response. Do you happen to know if 7/11 has the shipping supplies, or do I need to bring my own envelope. Thanks again!

next day service to maybe the west coast, the east coast will take 48 hours

They already have envelopes and shipping documents, or if they have run out they can request DHL to bring more the same day. The shipping document has a cover template in Chinese but the form underneath is all in English. To US expect 2-3 days.