Overreaction of the Month


over this

This is sillier than Morocco and Spain rattling sabers a couple of years ago over an even more useless and desolate pile of rocks. When will people ever learn?

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I mean, there are TWO rocks I see there in the sea. Why not…

…nah, they’d just be squabbling over who got the bigger half.

They are not arguing about the rocks. They are arguing about the sea around the rocks:

I suspect that might be true of Japan, but I don’t think the Koreans are setting fire to themselves over fishing rights …

I suspect that might be true of Japan, but I don’t think the Koreans are setting fire to themselves over fishing rights …[/quote]
I don’t know, they do seem to like fish a lot. :wink:

That is definitly the definition of “Overreaction”.
For a piece of rock or some salty water… :loco:

Don’t have to go that far: Spratly Islands. Claimed by China, Taiwan, Vietnam and, in parts, by Malaysia and the Philippines.
However they are useful, rich in minerals and oil. Supposingly the Chinese and Vietnamese navy had a few clashes there …

Well as one of my favorite Vietnam era figures, Madame Diem, said:

Anyone who wants to immolate themselves can come by the presidential palace for free gasoline and matches.

I have the exact same sympathy for the perennial Korean protester. Must be too much kimchi in the diet. Koreans protesting something violently? Gosh, that is something new and something equally as boring. Some days I really do wish that North Korea and South Korea would be reunified. They really do deserve to live with each other.

Self determination Fred. That’s what its all about.

Every nation has the right to self destruct. BUT when that self destruction may adversely affect neighboring countries…well then…

That’s what’s so FUN about the Korean problem.

It’s a Clintonian problem. What IS fair trade? What IS regional stability? Who ARE these guys? What ARE your thinking? SHALL we bomb?

[quote=“fred smith”]Well as one of my favorite Vietnam era figures, Madame Diem, said:

Anyone who wants to immolate themselves can come by the presidential palace for free gasoline and matches. [/quote]

One of my favourite quotes of all time.

The Koreans do a lot of this. Isn’t it about time someone put Prozac in the water in Korea?

Come into the light… free gas… freee matches… freee all freeeeee all you have to do is take the first step… freeeeee yourself from pain… freeeee… freeeeee

My misquote. Here are her exact words. Like Live Madame Nhu!

[quote]Political suicide is not new. During the Buddhist crisis in South Vietnam in the spring of 1963, a monk immolated himself in downtown Saigon in protest against the government’s favoritism of Catholicism.

Madame Nhu, the official hostess of the South Vietnamese government, sister-in-law of the bachelor president Ngo Dinh Diem, and wife of the head of the secret police, called the burning a “barbeque” and offered to light the match for the next one.[/quote]

My nominee for “overreaction of the month” is the entire GOP, for their performance in passing that Schiavo law. Bush even broke off from a vacation early so he could fly back to sign into law this ridiculous law, based on his shameless need to pander to extremists.

It would have been nice if he’d been this motivated back when he’d gotten a memo about “Bin Laden Determined to Strike within the United States” about a certain terrorist group that was likely to be hijacking airplanes in the near future.

I guess we can see where the GOP’s priorities are now.

So despite all MFGR’s wailings and gnashings of teeth, is Terri Schiavo being saved? Have the judges reversed any decisions? What has the Right been saying on the issue? Anything unreasonable? Where are the store-smashing, fire-lighting, mask-clad hooligans? Where are the drug-taking, sandal-wearing, car-burning "peace"niks? Look at what happened with WTO, the peace protests in the lead up to the Iraq war and then compare that with what is taking place here. Does not seem to be such an “overreaction” to me. I happen to disagree with efforts to keep Terri Schiavo alive, but I have no problem with a Republican administration stressing its position on this matter is to do anything and everything to protect life. That is consistent, BUT is the Republican party or the Bush administration doing anything illegal or have they stopped the removal of the feeding tube? tried to block any of the judge’s decisions? No. They have stated their position very vocally but what action have they really taken. It is just too bad so many of these hoodlums on the left cannot behave with the same amount of restraint when demonstrating for their pet causes. How many cars have been burned this time? How many store fronts? How many police resources have had to be diverted because of the prospect of violence? Big difference no?

Overreaction of the month. Hmm… Heard a TIer did the same thing back in the late 70s. And speaking of that, another TIer tried to commit sepuku in front of the UN just a month or so ago. I don’t think either of them made any statements of complaint except the vague notion that Taiwan is “oppressed.” My ass! Nah… compared to that, the South Koreans aren’t overreacting.

Have the extreme right taken down their rewards for the deaths of Michael Schiavo or the judge who ruled on this case? Just curious how the “pro life” movement is going. I’m pro-life, but I don’t understand how the GOP can stand the hypocrisy of pretending to protect “life” at all costs while running executions at full-speed.

Have these judges been entirely new ones that normally would not be looking at this case? Yes. Is this extra level of review a violation of basic federalism concepts and likely unconstitutional? Yes.

I guess the federal-building-explodin’, shoot-for-the-head Republicans are exactly the sort of people who are offering up rewards for killing the judge and Michael Schiavo. Perhaps Coulter and Liddy could come in for questioning…

making love, not war.

Did the federal government have to pass any special laws to deal with the WTO protestors? You might as well be drawing comparisons to the sun and planets. Here’s a couple for you: “The hot air of the extreme right is quite similar to that of Jupiter” or “The GOP legislation reminds me quite a bit of Uranus.”

Great. Then stop all those Florida and Texas executions, if the GOP cares so much about life. Stop invading other countries, if you care so much about life.

The feeding tube was already removed. This is about whether or not the feeding tube is put back in. I guess you don’t read the papers much.

Tried to have the case completely done over again in a way that breaks with normal separation of federal-state powers. Nice precedent.

Tried to subvert the Constitution to pander to an extremist group of supporters who, when they don’t get what they want, resort to bounties on the lives of Michael Schiavo and the judge handling the case. Nice.

How many millions were spent on security for Bush’s enormous inaugural festivities? What was the price tag diverted from Homeland Security? Something like $100,000,000? Brilliant – neither Clinton, Reagan or other presidents spent that sort of money for such a huge celebration. Come to think of it, in a wartime presidency it has been traditional to make these inaugurations into a low-key affair. Guess Bush thought that it would be better to have a huge event that required sealing off the entirety of Washington, D.C., instead of spending the money to ensure our troops get the armored humvee production ramped up to full capacity… instead of spending the money to finish port security measures… instead of hiring back some of the key Middle Eastern language specialists we rooted out of the services despite “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Just as I thought. Nothing specifically related to this case whatsoever eh MFGR?

Again, let me make this simple for you?

Is Terri being saved?
Is the feeding tube being re-installed?
Did the US Congress vote in any way affect this process?

So what are you complaining about and stop trying to drag in all this other stuff regarding capital punishment. You always do that when you do not have a leg to stand on. The issue here is this woman. I do not see that the Republicans have subverted the judicial process in any way.

Not very consistent with the murder and mayhem they’ve unleashed on Iraq, or their disinterest in helping victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami until they were shamed into taking belated action, or the many other instances in which they’ve demonstrated their indefensible selectivity in attributing value to life.


Who was the first one on the scene after the tsunami?

How much did other countries announce that they would donate in the immediate aftermath of the tsunami?

How many fewer Iraqis are dying today because Saddam is gone?

How many Iraqis are being killed by American soldiers and how many are being killed by insurgents?