Overseas Chinese Passport and Overseas Chinese Identity Cert

I am from Singapore and holds a Singapore passport.

Can I get a ROC overseas chinese passport ? Is this to be applied in Taiwan or from ROC representative office in Singapore? I asked a few ROC offices in Singapore, Australia and the US, but no one seems to understand what the passport is about.

I dont see overseas chinese passport mentioned in OCAC website, but overseas chinese identity certificate is listed. There is also a certificate for people of chinese descent.

Can anyone advise ? Thanks

The fascist regime of LKY doesn’t usually allow double nationality. Therefore, you will not meet Singaporeans overseas with double passports. However, I am not sure if the Overseas Chinese Passport is considered a “dual nationality” so you might be eligible for this. Ask one of LKY’s albino grandchildren – they might help you see the light. After all, I think one of them acquired an Australian passport :smiling_imp: One law for the average folk, one law for PAP cronies and families.

In all seriousness, you should contact the TECO in Singapore and ask to talk with a senior representative, not one of the drones. They might be able to give you some positive feedback on your eligibility.

So, how did this go?

I would like to know if Malay or Tamil Singaporeans, or mixes, would get a different answer from TECO than full-blood Chinese Singaporeans–and if so, what the official grounds are for deciding their ethnicity. Or is it all up to the staff of TECO, and whether they think someone is Chinese enough?