Overseas Chinese Status Visiting Taiwan

I am visiting Taiwan in March 2020 for 10 days and I have both ROC and US Passports. During this trip I’ll be exiting Taiwan to go to Japan for a week, re-enter for 1 day, and exit again to fly back home to the US. I visited Taiwan less than a year ago in April 2019 for 10-11 days. My last visit prior to the April visit was in 2011. I’m in my late 20’s and I immigrated to the US when I was under 10 years old.

I have the Overseas Chinese stamp in my ROC passport (full page stamp) and I’ve gotten the Exit Permit for Overseas Chinese Draftee (small purple stamp) on my April 2019 trip. I believe the small purple stamp expired which means I would have to go the NIA to get another one. My questions are:

  1. Would I have any problem receiving the Exit Permit if I just had gotten one less than a year ago? Again I have the Overseas stamp so I assume I shouldn’t have a problem.
  2. Once I have the proper documents (Overseas Chinese Stamp, Exit Permit for Overseas Chinese Draftee stamp), there shouldn’t be any problem for me exiting the country correct? My parents are a bit paranoid and they’re very worried about me visiting Taiwan twice in less than a year.
  3. Is there a way to print out the Exist Permit for Overseas Draftee form online somewhere? From what I understand the form is in Chinese and I’m not very fluent.

I think I know the proper steps to receive the documents as I’ve done it before and everything went smoothly but I just want to double check, given that I will be exiting Taiwan twice in one trip so that makes me a tad nervous. Also I think my parents’ worrying made me worry a bit.

Any input and assurance are greatly appreciated!

You already have the stamp of overseas chinese status, so if your stay in Taiwan doesn’t exceed 183 days per year, you are ok.

You may apply for exit permit online (or print out the application form), but I don’t know if you can print out the permit.

You or your parents may ask to the relevant authority directly to get more reliable answer.

Ah yes that was the link I was looking for. Do you know if there is a PDF of the physical form I can print out?
And yes I will hopefully be chatting with someone at a ROC consulate by where I live.
Thank you!