Overseas Engineering Job Opportunities (up to 12m JYP per annum & visa sponsored!) - PayPay

PayPay, a leading Japanese fintech company that consists of diverse members from 40+ different countries, is hiring the following positions with a very flexible work style that allows their employees to work from anywhere in Japan at any time (which they call “WFA”).

On top of that, before you relocate to Japan, they will apply for your visa (including your family members’) along with a relocation allowance.


  1. If you’re currently outside Japan, remote work is acceptable for the time being as the borders are now closed in Japan. Once the borders are reopened, you’ll have to relocate to the country with visa sponsorship granted.
  2. Japanese language skills are not a requirement but a plus.
  3. While the cost of living is high in certain cities (such as Tokyo and Osaka), with their WFA system you may choose to live anywhere in Japan where the cost of living is lower.
  4. If interested, you can simply click the links above to apply.

If you have any questions, just PM me or shoot me an email (alvis.yu@meet.jobs).

In case you’re not looking for a job currently, you can also refer these jobs to your friends and earn yourself a referral reward!

Our referral reward is 4% of the lower end of the corresponding annual salary range, 260k JPY (roughly 2.3k USD) for this position!

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