Overseas taiwanese(NWOHR) or citizens being a Senior citizen's worker's in taiwan

Im thinking what kind of work in taiwan do a (NWHR) OR a citizens in taiwan?coz here in the philippines they are working as cleaner in a mall or fastfood only or saying welcome to the entrance of the mall or fastfood…coz i wonder that taiwan is a super ageing society What do senior citizens works here?

Fast-food, supermarkets, job places where responsibilities are easy and rote

Less than 10% of people older than 65 are working.

Many senior people are taking care of their grandchildren.

Many owners of small business in my neighborhood are senior people.

More than 80% of farmers may be older than 45.

By the way, are you asking about overseas taiwanese with household registration (NWHR) or without household registration (NWOHR)?

If you are not fluent in Chinese, your options may be more limited.

Tando sorry i write mistakes i mean (NWHOR)

Property management and security are very common. Almost every office building and many residential towers have a senior citizen sitting at the entrance.

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