[Overstay] 2 Days overstay, where and how to go for the Visa run?

Hello everyone,

I decided to write down a new topic since I found a lot of info about the “overstay” topic, but nothing that match my case. I will try to be clear and specific as possible:

  1. I overstayed a Visitor Visa (I was a student at the NTNU, now on vacation) for 2 days. I figured out at the airport while I was leaving for Japan for the Visa run, I just mistake the date. I payed the fine, get the 1 year Visa Exempt ban stamp on my passport, and left the country.
  2. I came back on the same Visitor Visa since it was a multiple entry, and it was still valid.
  3. I’m now in Taiwan, and I will have to leave before the 20th of February (2020).

I’m thinking to do a Visa trip in the Philippines but i have some concern:

  1. Is it the best place for a Visa run, after an overstay?
  2. How much 2 days of overstay will affect my chance to get a Visitor Visa?
  3. Which documents should I provide to the Representative office where I will apply for the Visitor Visa, to raise the chances to get it?
  4. How long will it take to get the Visa? I need to plan how long to stay out TW and book the flight tickets in advance.
  5. I will come back as a Tourist, planning to apply for a Bs in September: do I have to prove a financial statement ? Does it has to be my bank account or it could be from a sibling or related person? How many funds there should be on it?

More over:
I never worked illegally in TW or somewhere else and this is my first overstay in my life.
I have no criminal records in TW or somewhere else.
I lost the document that prove my payment for the overstay (I suppose they have records of this at the NIA, right?)
I read about someone providing a sort of “explanation/excuses” letter: Any advice on what to write down?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can give advice about this.
I’m quite worried not to get the Visa since I will be in the Philippines that it’s now my home country.

I grew up in Manila and have family there. When I first came to Taiwan in 1993, I had to leave the country and come back with a Visitor Visa. And despite having my file in front of him, the TECO officer still asked me why I chose to go to the Philippines instead of HK.

So, despite all that has changed over the years, I would suggest you consider the same:

  • HK Teco may get the most applications of them all - I expect them to be used to cases like yours; in Manila, your situation will be considered more seriously
  • HK Teco processes applications faster, too - so if there are problems, you should be able to act quickly
  • I haven’t been to Manila Teco for some time now, although I visit Manila often, so I don’t know how the queue management may have changed. But I have written here in other topics how first get on a queue to get on the real queue – there may well be good reasons for all this (and thankfully there’s a decent food court on the 2nd floor of the RCBC Tower) but you can’t compare it to HK Teco

@GooseEgg , Thanks a lot for you kindly and super fast reply.

It definetely makes sense, I will go for the HK Teco then. Just few more questions:

How long you think it will take in HK to get the Visa if I pay for the rush handling ? 5 working days could be enough?
Anything about the financial statement and any specific docs required?

Rush handling in HK is next day. Check their website if it’s SAME DAY (I’m not kidding)

Apparently there is no Rush Handling


I think it should be yours, and have read minimum is 3000 USD, and an outgoing ticket.

Manila is one of the worst to get a visa. Especially now since many countries get 90 days visa free.

Thanks again for your time, I appreciate all the help that I’m receiving and I think it might be useful for someone how is facing the same.

This morning I’ve been to the NIA to ask few questions about the Visa, and they sent me to the MOFA; something cames out from them:

  1. If you lost the receipt of the “overstay payment” (2000 NT in my case) , they cannot give you a copy, but you won’t need it and it’s not a problem.
  2. Hong Kong is definitely the fastest and most reliable place for this kind of Visa.
  3. There’s no specific amount of cash for the financial statement, but 3-5k USD is a good way to show that you can actually pay for your stuff while here. (Better if it’s your bank account, otherwise you will have to prove the relation with siblings/relatives, and it might be a nightmare)
  4. Since I overstay, a multiple entry Visa would be unlikely.
  5. No specific details on how long would be the single one, usually from 30 to 90 days but it’s up to the official that will take charge of your application, no commitment on this.
  6. Write down a letter that shows why you want to stay, and any other info that could be a reason for you to stay in this country.

At this point, I would like to ask if anyone have ever wrote this letter, if you have any examples or any advice on this.

Again, Thanks for your time.

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In LA they gave me 14 days many years ago because I was not in my home country they said.

I’ve seen people turned away in HK and they were told to go back home and apply there.

That’s surprising. Sydney was all too happy to take my application AND help my situation out despite not being from Australia.

Depends what country you come from and where you are.

I’m Italian. Sydney TECO.

If you were from say Uzbekistan or Pakistan, or somewhere in Africa it would be a different story.

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Well, I’m Italian too! So those words sounds awesome to me…
@Marco : How long was the Visa that you got ?

60 days single entry. I did not overstay though. I left on the last day of my ARC as my employer at the time handed in the work permit paperwork too late. I applied for my ARC when I received my work permit and continued working after I received my ARC. I’m still pissed about that.

For the other people on the forum who inevitably are going to point at me and say I said I was Canadian. Yes. I’ve also made it known I am Canadian as well. However, in Taiwan, I am Italian.


Great, I will update you on February then, after the trip… Fingers crossed!

Hello everyone!

Here I am, in HK. I went to the TECO to apply for the Visa, and, as we now, there are some probs because of the Corona Virus. I thought I might ask few questions here: any help would be really appreciated.

I can actually get the Visa, but I might not be let in when I land in Taoyuan Airport, or more likely, I will have to stay in quarantine for a period of 14-days (not specified where, could be in hospital or other places).
Therefore, the officers advise me to follow another path.

At the moment, this is the plan:

-Leave HK for some other place outside the PRC (nor Macau)
-Apply for the Visa
-Spend 15-days there
-Go back to TW with the Visa

To do so, I’m trying to figure out which countries, as now, accept foreign nationals visitor from Hong Kong, without quarantine or other ban.
I will then figure out which one to pick

Fast handling, and hopefully without many trouble (I overstayed), possibly cheap to leave for 15days.

Thanks a lot, again, to anyone who can help me figure out the best way.
Life is beautiful, and sometimes full of surprises like this one… but as now, I’m not ill, so let’s just find a way to solve and go ahead! :slight_smile:

One way to Rome is only 8,000 NT on Skyscanner at the moment for flights this month from HK.

Id get the visa in HK though. No guarantee the next Teco will be as obliging

Hi there, thanks for your answer.

At the moment, my home country (Italy) is not accepting people that come from Mainland China, HK, Macau until the 28th of April.
So, despite the price, unfortunately that’s not an option.

I am trying to figure out what countries still accept people coming from HK without special quarantine or other restrictions.

Would I still be able to get the Visa at the HK Teco, and then spend some time somewhere, and reach Taiwan from another country ?

I underestand that other Teco might not provide the Visa. Could you please be more specific?


Well if they are saying they will give you the visa in HK then if it was me I’d take it based on the ‘bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ kind of logic. and like you said:

Id tell him your plan and ask for 90 days on the basis that you plan on doing a ‘quarrantine’ by taking a two week holiday before entering. For previous visas I had I just looked over them and one has an ‘enter before’ date set in the future. So that might be an option too if you ask.

What? You’re an Italian National and can’t get into your own country?