Overstay...Can I Still use my Multiple Entry to Return?

What are visa waiver priveledges?

Can someone tell me exactly what this means:

Foreingers who overstay will be prohibited from using visa waiver priviledges granted to residents of the U.S., UK, Canada, France, etc. for one year from their date of departure from Taiwan. Such persons will need to apply for a visa at an overseas R.O.C. diplomatic or trade office.

I am heading back to Canada next week, so instead of paying quite a bit of money to extend my visa, I decided to overstay. The fine for overstay period is significantly less than the cost to extend. I talked to the people at the Foreign affairs here in Taiwan, and they said that I will still be able to return on my current visa, even though I am overstaying, because it is a multiple entry visa.

Then, I read what I posted above. It suggests the opposite. I think I may have been misinformed (which is not all that unusual for Taiwan).

I can’t contact anyone here as it is late Friday evening, but I’m just worried that I may not be able to return on my current visa now. Can anyone explain the above?

Many folks have a 5 year visa or less. 60 days stay.
If you overstay you can not get another visa for 1 year.
If your visa is good for 5 years, or has another year before expiration, you have no need to re-apply for a visa.

Visa waiver is asking for a visa when you arrive at the airport.

That’s wrong. You cannot come here without a visa for one year - which is the same as saying you can’t get a landing visa, visa waiver, visa exemption or whatever you like to call it. You have to apply for a visa outside Taiwan, and they might be somewhat reluctant to give you one. (This happened to me quite recently.) However, all this might not apply if you have a multiple entry visa. Maybe then you can just pay the fine, leave and come back on the same visa.

^^ Cool. That’s what I was told, but I have been given bad information before by the authorities.