Overstay of visa? help!

im just wondering what the penalty is if you overstay your visa for a few weeks. Is there a fine? If so how much?
The visa is a student visa and i need to stay a few weeks longer.
thanks for the help

Best thing you can do if it already happened is to do a search on this forum, pack your stuff and be prepared not to come back here for a considerable time. Sports Teacher of my kids did overstay, got deported and even parents ran a petition he cannot come back for (what I recall) one year for each month he overstayed.

You will have to pay a fine - not sure of the exact sum. You could consider doing that if you are sure you will not want to come to Taiwan again in the near future. Otherwise, keep it legal by taking a trip to Manila, Okinawa or some other nearby holiday destination with an ROC visa office. For further advice, do a search as the Captain suggested.

thanks, its actually for a friend of mine . Do you know how long you are not allowed to come back for? Lets say if your overstay is only for the 2 weeks.

Your friend could also go to the Foreign Affairs Police and ask them for an extension.

I have never done it myself, nor do I know anyone who has, so I don’t know how successful that tactic is.

I know that if the overstay is 10 days or less, it’s only a $1000NT fine and no problems coming back to Taiwan. Beyond that, do a search.

I found this, but it’s over a year old… Things change all the time. Does anyone have any fresh info? Or the government link?

[quote]PostForum: Overseas Residency Rights Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2004 12:34 pm Subject: Overstaying info
Sorry HairKnuckles,
this info doesn’t really relate to your minor case of overstaying but may be of help to others. Let us know how you get on.

If you have overstayed for no more than 30 days, applicants may apply in the airport within two hours before departure for convenience. [Foreign Affairs Division for Immigration at CKS airport: (03) 398 2242

Those who overstay for more than 90 days need to go to their local foreign affairs police with:

A. The original and one photocopy of an airplane ticket for departure within 7 days. The original is returned after verification.

B. One copy of an application form requesting exit. Application must be filed in person.

C. The original and photocopy of passport, visa, Embarkation/Departure card (stapled in your passport when you arrive), Originals are returned. They may also ask for a tax certificate or tax-exempt certificate (if applicable).

D. Letter of explanation or certificate of proof of reason for overstaying. Documentation will depend on what you