[Overstay] overstayed!

hi there,
i am in taichung and my visa has now run out.
i have overstayed by about 10 days and im doing a visa run within the next few days.
i need to know what things i should do to improve my chances of getting back in with a new visa after going to H.K for just one day.
also im not sure where i pay my overstay fine, do i do it before i go to the airport or will they sort it for me there?
if anyone has been through a similar deal or just happens to know some answers i would be greatfull to hear them asap.

At CKS airport go up the escalator, turn left and go to the very end. On your left hand side is a corridor with a Foreign Affairs office. Fill out the form and pay your fine (be patient and friendly and smile, no matter how shitty they treat you:-).

AFTER they have stamped your passport go back downstairs and check in at the airline ticket counter.

My experience was when I overstayed less then 10 days, and I had no problems getting a new non-extendable visa in Singapore. I do not know what happens if you overstay longer, and I do not know what Hong Kong is like.

There is a new website (published in the China Post today) http://iff.npa.gov.tw/fore-eng/en_index.htm ,with information about fines for overstaying, and where to pay : http://iff.npa.gov.tw/fore-eng/a_b_1.htm http://iff.npa.gov.tw/fore-eng/a_b_5.htm

Good luck.

cheers john

i have just got back from H.K and i have a 30 day non extendable, so i diddnt quite get what i was after but hey its better then nothing!

Good one!

I believe it is quite hard to get an extendable visa in any country other than your home country, unless you have a briefcase full of documents:-).

And because of the overstayer’s stamp in my passport my home country’s Taiwan branch would only give me a non-extendable visa as well, plus a lot of hassle about why I was going back to Taiwan.

Just out of interest, did Hong Kong give you any hassle about the overstayer’s stamp in your passport?