[Overstay] Overstaying Tourist Visa - 10 Days


Instead of a visa run I plan to just overstay for 10 days. Besides $600 NT fee, is there anything else to be worried about? I already know about the 14 Day landing fee that I could possibly be ineligible for for up to a year. But this is not a problem.



You are way behind the times. Overstaying is serious now. No fines, just kicked out with a stamp in your passport saying you are not welcome back for a year. Overstaying is for fools. You don’t want to be one.


I agree with the analysis of wolf_reinhold. However, I would note that for two categories: (1) a foreign passport holding child, (2) a foreign passport holding wife with local “family” responsibilities, I believe that the regulation requiring expulsion from the ROC for a period of time can probably be fought successfully in the local courts.

The person would of course still be responsible for payment of the relevant fine.

The maximum fine of NT$ 10,000 applies if you have overstayed fifteen months or fifteen years.


Don’t do it. They might not let you in for a year. Really.



Even a few days. One of the employees at the Banqiao Police station recommended it instead of making a visa run. He said that as long as it isn’t something like 30 days, I shouldn’t have to worry.

Any good, cheap ideas? Dang, you all have me worried. Thanks for the info. Let me know if you have any other ideas.



Here is my plan:

March 9th - Visa Expires
March 19th - Leave for HK.
March 22 - April 20+/- Southwest China
March 23 - Get another Taiwan Visa in HK and fly back to Taiwan.

I have to stay. I have no other way. Will I still be allowed back in if I get another visa in HK after my trip to mainland? What are your opinions? Will this influence anything besides the 14 and 30 day landing visas? Thank you all for your input. I really appreciate any help you can give.


PS. What do you think of what the Banqiao (Visa Extender Man) said?