Overstay problem

Ok so I stupidly made the mistake of overstaying my visa. It’s a student visa and was valid for 2 months. I thought the expiry date was my deadline for some reason. Now what should I do? Can I get a landing visa just by making a run? What about a student visa. Will I still need all that money in the bank-- I don’t have enough by the way. I’ve overstayed by about 10 days. What’s the best course of action?

by the way, please talk to me like I’m retarded in any replies. This is all new to me, and I deserve it.

Isn’t there some cruise that counts as leaving the country. what’s the story with that?

You have to sort out the overstay. Go to Hong Kong as soon as possible. Sort it out with the police at the airport (if you can). You might not be allowed back in.

But first of all searcht his database for loads of information.


Did the same dumb thing myself. You’re not the only one. Go to FAP. They actually have a procedure.They will charge you $1,000 for less than 10 days overstay. Get a ticket out asap.
They will give you a list of things you need to get out of the country. It’s all procedure. Bank statement, letter stating reason for overstay, plane ticket. You’ll get a receipt and letter from FAP. You’ll get back in, but no one at any embassy in SE Asia is going to like it much. Was told by FAP that you can overtay three times before they say, bye, bye. Good luck