[Overstay] typhoon made me overstay my 5yrMR visa!

I’m here on a 5 year multiple reentry. I take chinese classes (and I actually go even) from CLI. Today (August 24, tuesday) was my day to renew the class if I choose (and I was so choosing) and head over to the police office to get another stamp (I entered the country at the end of May so I have untilthe end of November with extensions). Of course there’s this whole typhoon thing.

So what do I do? I have no idea if the police office was open today - or the school for that matter. I simply rode the typhoon-day wave and relaxed all day then came to my senses about an hour ago (take that as you will). The problem too is that I’m pretty broke until next Tuesday so I really can’t afford to pay the fine (I have enough to pay for another two months of class before my next paycheck from home is deposited). So should I try and see if the offices are open tomorrow (though I just discovered tomorrow is another typhoon day)? Or should I just wait until next Tuesday, go to the foreign affairs office with ticket in hand, and leave the country and come back?



Well they said that things like parking fines and stuff that were due today can be paid the first day back to nromal, so hopefulyl you’ll be OK.


typhoons are considered acts of nature. if you leave soon after there is no fine for overstaying because of typhoon. trust me, such happened to me once. if ought to get to the airport so i could leave on the right day. the flights were all pulled. the 2nd floor office guy told me what i just told you.